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Let’s All Get Naked at the Bohemian Grove!

Vendredi 8 août 2008

Let’s All Get Naked at the Bohemian Grove!

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It’s summer and that means it’s Bohemian Grove season once again. Time for the elite to get naked, have gay sex and make human sacrifices to a giant owl totem, just as they have been doing since the days of the cavemen, when the whole elitist conspiracy thing began.

The Alex Jones Zombie Brigade will be there in force, with protest signs and video cameras hoping to catch some wrinkled octogenarians dancing around a fire naked, smearing caviar on their genitals and baying at the moon. They’re firmly convinced that what began as a combination corporate retreat and fundraiser for the San Francisco Opera is actually a gruesome black mass in which the global elite worship Satan and commit all manner of atrocities while plotting our world-wide subjugation underneath the redwoods.

The truth about Bohemian Grove is that it’s all about hedonism, letting go and relaxing, and perhaps shedding some inhibitions – pretty much what we all do on vacation – if taken to a higher level. The only questionable activity for which there is some evidence is dressing up in costume and putting on silly plays in drag, and some organized prostitution (gay and straight). It’s rich guys getting drunk, getting laid, acting silly and peeing in the woods. It’s a giant frat party with trees. If I had to run a government agency I’d want to blow off some steam too. The downer is that it also includes quite a few speeches, but if you’re drunk enough I imagine they’re fairly amusing.

Aside from the ever-present hatred of the global elite, the main objection to what goes on at Bohemian Grove seems to be the hedonism. People having fun just doesn’t sit well with the moralistic fascists who follow demagogues like Alex Jones. It’s especially bad if that fun includes anything even vaguely gay, because homosexuals are Satan’s recruiting force or some such. Dress in drag once, and you’ll be on your knees servicing the devil for the rest of your life. And of course homosexuality and Satanism lead directly to global government and tattooing bar codes on everyone’s foreheads.

My objection to the Bohemian Grove is that they don’t invite the rest of us. That hardly seems fair. This year, I think we should all celebrate the solstice in our own rituals at our own personal Bohemian Groves, albeit in a somewhat less elite style. You’ll need the following equipment:

Owl Statue or Owl Mask (you can get a nice one at Sacred Hoop Red Robes (use your leftover Cardinal Fang costume from Halloween) Sacrificial Baby Doll (a naked Barbie will probably do) Keg of Beer (Recently globalized Budweiser or Shiner’s new Bohemian Black preferred) A Bucket of Gin Fizzes (if you can gag the nasty things down) Suntan Lotion (or baby oil if you live in the Pacific Northwest) A Grove of Trees (preferably in a public park) Barbecue Grill or Hibachi (for the sacred fire and ceremonial snacks)

Invite your friends, smear on the lotion, dress up in the red robes with nothing underneath, put on the owl mask and then go to the grove and drink all the alcohol you can. If you’re in a public park as suggested, the beer should attract loose women (or men depending on which park you pick), and once you drink enough of your alcohol and gin, instinct ought to take over and the hedonistic dance of world domination will begin.

But don’t forget the all-important ritual. You have to join hands and dance in a circle around your hibachi singing « We Are the World » in your best Michael Jackson voice. Then you throw Barbie on the hibachi and shout out « I don’t care about the Bohemian Grove. »

(For the lowbrow version of the ritual we’re omitting the tedious speeches – you might substitute a CD of songs by The Grateful Dead who are BG devotees)

Assuming all of this doesn’t get you arrested, when you wake up in the morning covered in ant bites and sore in areas you’ve never been sore in before, you’ll feel much more relaxed and in touch with your inner globalist. Before you know it you’ll be dominating all sorts of things, like the line at the local grocery store, your cat and your VCR remote.

Maybe Alex Jones should try it. He seems kind of tightly wound.

Anglais: Bush, McCain & Obama en visite au Bohemian Grove?

Mercredi 16 juillet 2008

Bush, McCain & Obama To Visit Bohemian Grove?

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mac cain bush

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, July 11, 2008

Outgoing President George W. Bush and both of his presumptive replacements John McCain and Barack Obama are rumored to be in attendance at this year’s Bohemian Grove gathering, an annual get-together of the global elite staged inside a sprawling forest encampment which kicks off tonight and runs until July 27.

Bohemian Grove is a 136-year-old all-male encampment complete with restaurants, bars, stages and lodges, which caters to around 2,000 members of the global elite along with Californian hoi polloi on a yearly basis in July. The camp is set within a 2,700 acre secluded forest replete with giant redwood trees.

Former attendees include Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, who both went on to become President, as well as regulars like Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller, Colin Powell, as well as George W. Bush and his father.

In 2000 radio host and film maker Alex Jones infiltrated the gathering and caught exclusive video footage of a bizarre mock human sacrifice ritual, known as the cremation of care, under a 40 foot stone owl that the members refer to as Molech.

Attendees dress up like Klan members in hooded robes and perform druidic pagan ceremonies to mark the spectacular finale of the event.

In 2004, The New York Post reported that top gay porn star Chad Savage was hired by the Grove to service its members during the event and attend to their every need.

When they’re not listening to policy speeches, Bohos are known to urinate freely in the redwoods and perform mock-druidic rituals that revolve around a 40-foot-tall stone owl. In one ritual, called Cremation of Care, members wearing red-hooded robes cremate a coffin effigy of Dull Care at the base of the owl altar, the report stated.

Alex Jones discusses the shocking footage he obtained during his 2000 infiltration of the Grove.

Homosexual orgies are known to be part of the festivities enjoyed by the predominately Christian conservative leaders who go there. Former attendee Richard Nixon once referred to the Grove as, the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.

A reader who got a summer job working at the Grove in 2005, Chris Jones, told us that he was regularly propositioned for sex by the old men attending the encampment and asked if he slept around and wanted to have some fun.

Jones was later sentenced to three years in jail by California authorities for simply showing a tape of his visit to minors.

However, the media’s attitude to hundreds of powerbrokers attending an event at which the Manhattan Project was known to have been born, while frolicking around dressed up as women pissing up trees and having gay sex, has been sophomoric to say the least.

One such hit piece in the Sacramento News & Review, which ties the Grove as well as public organizations such as the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission with shape-shifting reptoid conspiracies, is useful for only one piece of information – the claim that Presidential hopeful John McCain may be attending this year’s gathering.

bush pere et fils bc
George W. Bush and his father give a lakeside talk at Bohemian Grove in this photo from the Grove’s annual yearbook.

In addition, according to an Arizona Daily Star report about a different subject, President Bush’s schedule for next week has not been released, meaning Bush, a regular attendee with his father to Bohemian Grove in past years, could be set to make a visit at some point to mark the last year of his presidency.

Tellingly, both McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama will be in California from Saturday to Tuesday, during which time both candidates are scheduled to speak at the National Council of La Raza, a racist Mexican separatist group that advocates a violent overthrow of the southwestern U.S. states.

Their schedule puts them in the perfect location to enjoy a night at the Grove this weekend.

Two years ago we were able to accurately surmise then British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit to the Grove, which coincided with a visit to San Francisco where he met with powerbrokers.

Thus far, there has only been one other mainstream report concerning the event, an article entitled Power brokers due at Bohemian Grove, appearing in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, a local paper that routinely covers the gathering.

Critics, who until recent years mounted protests outside its gates, say the gatherings serve as strategy sessions for a New World Order operating outside democratic institutions, states the article.

Most critics raise the specter of national policy with global implications coming from behind the gates of an exclusive, closed-door gathering of largely conservative, wealthy white men.

Power brokers due at Bohemian Grove

Samedi 12 juillet 2008

Power brokers due at Bohemian Grove

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Legions of summer camp-goers spreading out around Sonoma County will be joined this weekend by some of the nation’s most powerful campers as the annual two-week encampment at the Bohemian Grove opens Friday night.

The super-secret Bohemian Club and its guests meet each summer in the 2,700-acre Monte Rio grove for what they say is fellowship and good-natured high-jinx €” a break from the grueling grind of leadership.

But critics, who until recent years mounted protests outside its gates, say the gatherings serve as strategy sessions for a New World Order operating outside democratic institutions.

While the grove’s motto €” Weaving Spiders Come Not Here €” specifically targets arachnids, the club excludes all but the nation’s most powerful and well-connected individuals, according to critics.

Founded in 1872 by five San Francisco men seeking to connect gentlemen with art, literature, music and drama, the all-male club is said to have included a variety of political, financial, military and industrial leaders.

Among them: Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard M. Nixon and both Bushes; former cabinet members Colin Powell, George Schultz and Henry Kissinger; and industrialists Stephen David Bechtel, Leonard Firestone and David Rockefeller.

The clandestine nature of the summer retreat promotes broad speculation and endless theorizing about what goes on there.

Most critics raise the specter of national policy with global implications coming from behind the gates of an exclusive, closed-door gathering of largely conservative, wealthy white men.

This year’s encampment begins Friday night and runs through July 27. The traditional Cremation of Care ritual, in which a human effigy representing dull care is burned beneath a massive form said to represent the club’s owl mascot, will be Saturday night.

Un spectateur pose une question sur le Bohemian Club à  Bill Clinton

Lundi 11 février 2008

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